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Readers Are Raving

Entertaining! I hate finances but the author uses humor and stories to explain it all.

Mary, Louisville, KY

A must read for those considering retirement or already retired!

Mike, Tampa, FL

The book is interactive, which blew me away! This was my financial awakening.

Jennifer, Marietta, Georgia

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From Wall Street to Tim McGraw

Chapter One · Jon discusses his upbringing, what qualifies him to speak on financial matters, and talks about the importance of using a Fiduciary Advisor.

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The Perfect Storm

Chapter Two · Jon connects the dots to show you how several financial storms are converging to form one "Perfect Storm". Find out if you're prepared.

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Storm No. 1

Chapter Three · Jon talks about our national debt and why it matters; after all, our government is flat broke, but how does this affect your retirement?

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A Note from the Author

If you want to weather the impending storm with anything left over, you need to be prepared.

Jon Hicks, MBA, MSFS

Survive the Storm

The Retirement Solution contains eight chapters of simple financial wisdom, which is exactly what it will take to survive the storm. Are you prepared?

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